Our clients get noticed at their trade shows for all the best reasons: with staff that ask great questions, drive steady traffic to the booth, qualify prospects in a consistent way, and make next steps after the show easy. Stand out by becoming a Trade Show Star.

This is an à la carte version of our current Trade Show Stars services. We work with each client individually to see which service(s) address all their exhibiting goals.

  1. The Holy Grail for Exhibitors: The Trade Show Stars 11 Best Practices Guide: This is the foundation for all our teaching and training. You can download a PDF version of this guide to share with everyone going to your company trade shows. Regardless of your company’s vertical, size, products or services, these 11 Best Practices are done by every one of the best booths we’ve come across.
  2. Trade Show Stars Training Videos and Certification: This subscription service gives users full access to our in-depth training series along with quizzes that test for understanding. Once all quizzes have been passed, each user is awarded our Trade Show Stars Certification. The training is over four hours of content discussing each Best Practice, and examples of how to execute them at the booth. Current subscriptions are given unlimited access to re-watch the videos, along with new content we add to training. Click HERE to view the course.
  3. Half day group discussion of The Holy Grail: To take your company’s implementation of our Best Practices a bit further, Thea (the developer of all the Trade Show Stars training) can be scheduled for a half day, in-depth discussion with your C-suite on how to implement each Best Practice at your events, and how each one has been proven to augment booth performance.
  4. Full day group discussion of The Holy Grail for Exhibitors (+ staff workshop): All the benefits mentioned in #2 with the invaluable add-on of Thea providing live training (in groups and individually) for everyone attending your company trade show. To know Best Practices in theory is one thing, to be familiar enough to actually do them at the show and reap the benefits is another.
  5. Complete training package: Outperform (with foot traffic and leads) 98% of exhibitors at your show as a certified Trade Show Star. Your staff will outperform other booths because they are the best prepared. A complete training covers:
    • customized strategy session with your leadership team
    • video training and certification for all booth staff
    • full day of live training for all booth staff
    • 30 minute one-on-one video conferencing right before your event (practice pitch, and measurable goals for each staffer)
    • on site support during your show
    • post event analysis
  6. Book Thea to speak: If you are part of an association or organization that would like book Thea for a speaking engagement to share her knowledge on what makes a booth successful, contact her here.

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