Thea Vinereanu (Business Development Manager)

Like our founder, Thea always had the urge to run her own business, this being her third startup. Her own trade show training began in Chicago where she learned the in’s and outs of running roadshow events all throughout the Chicagoland area. After a year, the opportunity to open a new branch in Nashville presented itself so Thea packed her bags again and moved to Tennessee for a year, this time helping a launch a brand-new business. Like any entrepreneur, she wanted her own business so she opened Northern Mgt Events Inc. in New Jersey. Her company was named one of the Top Places to Work by employees in Fair Business Report and represented a dozen clients. Having her heart firmly set on Buffalo though, she sold her business and returned to Western New York in late 2016.Three years, three companies, and many, many states in between, Thea has roughly 8,000 hours of experience in trade show events. This and her Master’s in Education (SUNY Binghamton) have played a large role in compiling the Trade Show Stars approach to training.

You can contact Thea directly through the form below, or click this link to schedule an appointment with her.